Photo Corner, 30 June 2008

Leona Robinson HeintzelmanContributed by Dave Selner
This is my maternal grandmother, Leona Robinson Heintzelman, age 8, pictured on the front steps of her home in Omaha, Nebraska, March 1909. (Click to see the complete photo on the blog.)

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20080630Weatherwax.bmpSubmitted by Dawn Weatherwax (Higgins)
This is a picture of my grandfather Goerge Weatherwax. We don’t know the date for sure but we suspect the photograph was taken about 1926 in Indiana.

9 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 30 June 2008

  1. Leona’s picture looks like she is having a Teddy Bear picnic. Just a wonderful picture of a little girl at play. The rug is even on the step to possibly pretend she is in the parlor having tea????
    -Pamela Temple Tynes-

  2. I have a picture of my brother riding the same model bike. He was b. 1923 and was ae 4 when the picture was taken in Avon, NY. 1926 was a good guess estimate for the origin of your photo.

  3. The photo of little Leona would be a prize winner for charm and composition, even if were not a precious family archive. The more one looks, the more there is to see. And, she’s adorable!

    Likewise for the single-minded, frame-filling, trike rider. This is a wonderful portrait/action shot hybrid.

    Both are so refreshing and unusual from an era when most photos were stiffly posed.

  4. Dave, I am wondering if your grandmother Leona Robinson went to Central High School in Omaha. She was the same age as my grandmother — they might have known each other. Email me for more details if interested:

  5. Dave, I just love the picture of your Grandmother, I am a doll collector and I also collect pictures of children with dolls and toys. Your Grandfather’s picture is also priceless. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. thank you dawn i’m related to weatherwax family both great grand parents [anderson emerson and mary freese ]their mothers olive elizabeth and anna marie weatherwax sisters so 1st cousins married –i know !! weatherwax out of new york moved to ohio on to ks 1880s i have no pictures of any of my family so was good to see this 1 of yours and yes there was some georges in the family tree .the weatherwax family tree is rather hard to follow isnt it?but we all related coming from only 1 father/son bloodline –wow!!

  7. Dawn,
    There were Weatherwaxes in Monroe County, IN. Charles Weatherwax died several years ago, perhaps in 2003. I don’t know his father’s name but he was a professor at Indian University in Bloomington, IN.
    This is not any relation to me.

  8. My dad was born in Omaha, NE one month before this was taken. Today (2/10/09) would have been his 100th birthday, but he departed this plain three years ago.

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