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GeoWashington.bmpThis week my brother-in-law and his wife will be in town so I’m taking a few days off to enjoy their company. But with Independence Day just around the corner, I thought I’d poke around a bit to gather some Revolutionary War articles and resources to help you uncover those Revolutionary ancestors in your family tree. Here are some resources to get you started:

Ancestry Resources

More Resources

5 thoughts on “Links to Your Revolutionary Past

  1. I have used the DAR lookup service and it was a big help in learning about a Rev war ancestor. I later joined the DAR. I also have found two pensions records for Rev war ancestors. They contain a lot of good information sometimes including the names of wives and children. At least the children still living or at home. They also contain all the war records for the man. They are definately worth pursuing! and Genealogy,com might tell you who had applied for a pension and you can go from there.

  2. For those of you researching Revolutionary War Patriots and need a copy of a pension application you may want to start with this web site. It is called Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements. They currently have over 3900 application statements transcribed on the web site. They also accept submissions of your transcription of an application. I submitted my ancestors transcribed application (Reuben Clatterbuck). The site owners say “Because this site is run by volunteers with limited time to commit to the project, we have decided to limit postings to only pension applications filed either by participants in the Southern Campaign or to claimants who resided in Virginia, the Carolinas or Georgia at the time they entered any term of service regardless of where they served.” Great site!!

  3. If anyone has Revolutionary ancestors that may have settled in Kentucky or received bounty warrants, go to the Kentucky Secretary of State website (use browser) and click on KY land record. Lots of info, including digitized full color copies of many or the land warrants. Indexed and searchable. These can be printed out for your records.

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