Photo Corner, 23 June 2008

James T. KingContributed by Annette King Davis.
This is a picture of my father James T. King, Sr. on the left hand side of the picture. He was born July 5, 1927 in Bradenton, Fl. Parents: Robert William King and Clifford Harvey King.

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Elsie Jones, Liverpool, EnglandContributed by Ann Jones
This is a photograph is of my mother, Elsie Jones of Liverpool England. She was born was 1916 and died in 1989.

7 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 23 June 2008

  1. What a handsome pair! They don’t look old enough to have been posted to England in WW2. I remember a camp near us -when I was a child -for American Servicemen. Our school playing fields backed onto their camp and the homesick soldiers would come to the fence and talk to us about their families back home and show us photos of them.

    Ann!What a cute little girl! Her Mum must have spent many hours making her beautiful dress. My Mum Edith Coe was born in Liverpool Lancashire in 1908 at Index Street Walton on the Hill. The whole street was wiped out by German bombs during WW2

  2. Where was the photo Sgt King taken ? Are those creamatorium ovens in the background ?

  3. I’m confused, who are James’s parents? It lists them as Robert and Clifford King! He can’t have two male parents!

  4. The soldier on the right has a 25th Infantry Division “Tropic Lightning” shoulder patch. Judging from the vintage of the uniforms, the photo was probably taken just prior to or during the Korean War, when the Army was first integrated. The “ovens” in the background are just painted background, and I’m not sure they are ovens; the 25th Infantry Division has never served in europe.

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