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More on Catholic Given Names
When our daughter was baptized in 1962 we told the priest that we had named her Karen Marie. The pastor said that Karen is derived from the name Catherine, and Marie is derived from Mary. Then he further commented that since Mary is the mother of God her name had to come first. So Karen Marie is stated as Mary Catherine on her baptismal certificate, but has never gone by either of those names. If you were looking at her baptismal certificate and trying to find her by that name, you never would.


Yellow Poly Folder Substitute
Another very cheap source for a tinted filter to view hard-to-read documents is colored Reynolds Plastic Wrap.

Also, Joan Henshaw discussed enhancing images on her computer using Word or Power Point. I would suggest that Adobe Photoshop is worth the investment. It’s much easier to manipulate images in a true image-processing program, and there are many more features in Photoshop. We do everything she mentioned, plus highlighting parts, cropping, adding labels and arrows in the image, etc. As always, save the original and work on a copy.

Walt & Marie
Black Forest, Colorado

Protect Your Computer from Power Surges
Surge protectors are available that can help protect your computer from power surges that can damage your computer. During hot summer days it seems that we see this phenomenon more often, so it makes sense to protect yourself from these unexpected occurrences. And of course, always make sure you have current backups of your research.


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  1. Re: Catholic Given Names: My mother’s Baptismal Record had her name as Vivian Cathleen/Kathleen(?). Her oldest brother remembered her being baptised Catherine/Katherine(?) Delores. Her Birth Certificate has her listed as Kathleen Vivian. But she has gone her entire life by the name of Delores Cathleen! When the time came for my mom to apply for Social Security it was a nightmare. They relented, and allowed her to receive her Social Security by the name she had always thought was her name, Delores Cathleen. Somehow she had managed to find her Baptismal Record even though the church had burned down, and I have managed to find her Birth Certificate through working on Family History. Quite a shock for my mother to find this out!

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