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Myra Sparks McKeeContributed by Teresa McKee Allen
This is my Great-grandmother Myra Sparks McKee. She is seen here working in the kitchen at the Bridal Veil Lumber Company, Palmer, Oregon, 1907. She was the second daughter of Robert and Julia Sparks, born 30 March 1886. She Married Grover C. McKee, 3 July 1908.

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Raymond Véronneau and Flora MichelContributed by Fernand
This is a photograph of Raymond Véronneau and Flora Michel. Raymond was born 8 August 1911, in Limerick, Maine.

6 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. I’d like to know how Bridal Veil Lumber Co. got its name. Judy

  2. Judy, Most likely the Bridal Veil Lumber Co. got its name from Bridal Veil Falls located in the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side of the river. The falls is one of many in that area of the gorge and truly resembles a bridal veil. Beautiful area!

  3. I love the photo of Myra Sparks McKee, in period dress, working in that rustic kitchen. Our world today, 101 years later, and women’s “place” in it, would have been impossible to imagine back then. Thanks for sharing! Kim

  4. Thank you so much for posting this picture of my great-grandmother, it is one of my favorites.

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