Book and Movie Club: Dances with Luigi

Here’s another book review. If you have a book or movie that relates to your family history and you’d like to share it, please send it to  

I have just finished reading Dances with Luigi, by Paul Paolicelli, St. Martin’s Press, New York.  This is about a grandson’s quest to understand Italy, Italians and especially his ancestors.  I don’t have Italian ancestors, but I believe that for someone with Italian ancestors it would be very helpful.  Besides, it was an interesting read.

Ann Meisburger

Thanks for sharing this Ann!

One thought on “Book and Movie Club: Dances with Luigi

  1. I know this column is for books and movies, but I love watching “If Walls Could Talk” on HGTV. It’s about finding the history of old homes and the people who lived in them. I’m amazed at the things people leave behind hidden in their homes and how these objects lead to finding their histories. Check it out. It’s just like genealogy.

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