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More Help for Hard-to-Read Images
I have translucent poly file folders in various colors. I’ve found that if I hold the yellow one up to my monitor screen it makes hard-to-read images much easier to read.  This works well with microfilm readers too. You can find these folders at office supply stores.

Steve Rosen

Attention to Detail
It certainly does help if one pays attention to all details. For example, I could not read the entry on my great grandfather’s ship manifest, but when I saw who met him at the dock, I remembered my mom saying she had cousins by the same name. Then I knew I had the correct manifest.


Donate Magazines
Just a quick comment on the article that mentioned having an abundance of magazines. I too found that they were taking up a lot of storage space so I decided to copy the articles I really liked and donated the magazines to the local library.  The local history department was thrilled to receive them.
George Gibson

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