Tips from the Pros: Civil War Naval Links, from George G. Morgan

Researchers interested in expanding their knowledge of both the Union and Confederate navies in the U.S. Civil War will welcome the extensive collection compiled on the Web by Dakota State University. Located on the DSU website as part of the American Civil War resource exhibit, the collection includes links to a number of museum sites associated with navies and ships on both sides, indexes of Civil War naval forces, and websites and photographs of specific vessels such as the Monitor, the Merrimac, the Huntley, and a number of others. There is even a glossary of naval terms and phrases you may encounter in your research. The collection is a must for researchers with ancestors who served in the Union or Confederate navies.

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2 thoughts on “Tips from the Pros: Civil War Naval Links, from George G. Morgan

  1. I found it extremely strange that the university located in South Dakota with no large bodies of water has this very interesting and extensive study of Naval history but I cannot find much information on the people in the state or territory before it became a state.

  2. This link to information about the Mississippi Marine Brigade was a great find for me. I have searched for a long time and could not find the reason for my 2xgreat-grandfather being missing from all the rolls of Union soldiers when in Battle and Perrin’s History of Kentucky it was stated that he was a member of that company in the Civil War. Many thanks to Carol Kimmel Allsup also.

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