Hidden Truths: The Chicago Cemetery and Lincoln Park

View of Chicago from Lincoln ParkThe other day I caught the tail end of a news report about the old Chicago Cemetery located in and around what is now Chicago’s Lincoln Park. After living in that area for seven years back in the eighties and early nineties, I was familiar with the fact that Lincoln Park was once a cemetery and that many bodies ended up being left behind once the cemetery closed. I jotted down a note to look for more information on the news story that I had missed and this morning I did just that.

In doing so I found the website that was the subject of the story, and for anyone who has roots in Chicago, it’s well worth a visit. I could only spend about twenty minutes browsing it this morning but listened to a couple fascinating audio clips and plan to go back and revisit the site soon. This project by Pamela Bannos can be found at: hiddentruths.northwestern.edu/ 

Click here to read the Chicago Tribune article about the site and the new markers. (Accessing the article may require free registration.)

One thought on “Hidden Truths: The Chicago Cemetery and Lincoln Park

  1. my great-great grandfather’s first wife from Sweden and two of their daughters were/are buried in the cemetery -cholera epidemic family has tried to find where they were moved to –to no avail. My guess is that they are still there!

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