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The Children’s Blizzard
I would recommend the book “The Children’s Blizzard,” by David Laskin, to your readers whose roots are in the Midwest regions of Minnesota and the Dakotas. It does more than tell the tale of the children lost in the blizzard of 12 January 1888. It also gives the history of the region including the countries that the settlers emigrated from and the reasons they came. It builds up to the storm by showing what factors came into play and caused such a sad loss. Some readers may find their families noted in this book and will gain a better understanding of the hardships they had to endure.


The American Balloon Service in World War I
I just wanted to recommend “A Grandstand Seat: The American Balloon Service in World War I,” by Eileen F. Lebow. It discusses how the United States used balloons as an observation tool during the war. I found it very interesting and informative as I was totally unaware of this little known division of the Army.
Thank you,
M. Oltra

One of the best books I’ve read recently was David McCullough’s
“1776.” It takes you through that first year of the Revolutionary War and was really an eye-opener. I came away with a much better appreciation for what those soldiers went through against overwhelming odds to win our independence.

Isabelle Cole

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3 thoughts on “Your Quick Tips: Summer Reading Book Reviews

  1. I agree. 1776 was one of the best if not the best history book I have read. It is a valuable resource in understanding the what, when and where durring the Revolution. If you have ancestors involved in this time period it may shed some light on the I wonders. My family always said that our line of Sloats lived on the wrong side of the Hudson. After reading 1776 I learned that most of the families living on the western side of the Hudson in NY in that area were Torries. I learned many more interesting things about the area or towns that my family lived in in many different states.
    Aside from the historical aspect it’s also a great read.

  2. I also agree! “1776” is a wonderful book. “John Adams” is another of David McCullough’s books, rich in historical information. HBO just ran a 7 part series, faithfully re-enacting these events, the first fifty years of our country. It was done under the watchful eye and with the blessing of David McCullough. If any readers have the opportunity, I recommend you watch this series. It has superb acting, cinematography et al and was produced by Tom Hanks. You will not find TV programming any better than this.

  3. I read “The Children’s Blizzard” this week. Excellent book since my dh and I had ancestors that lived during this time. You are right it was a sad book to think of all those children frozen so close to their homes.

    Now when I do family history I will notice if any ancestors died during this time frame. It was pointed out that many people died weeks and months afterwards from complications caused by the blizzard.

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