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Lawrence Pachniak and Aniela MaziarzContributed by Richard Hardesty, Seffner, Florida
This photo was taken in Cambria City, near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, in 1906. It is the wedding day of my wife’s mother’s parents, Lawrence Pachniak and Aniela Maziarz. They met in this country, but both were from Poland.

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August F. Turk and Eliza Lafitte TurkContributed by Linda W. Miller
This is a photo of my great-grandparents, August F. Turk and Eliza Lafitte Turk, taken around their wedding day 06 August 1889 in Frierson, Louisiana. August was born in Germany in 1845 and Eliza in Louisiana 1871.


5 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. What a beautiful wedding picture of Lawrence and Aniela. Is the wedding veil a traditional Polish style?
    Also, the picture of August and Eliza Turk is very interesting. I’ve never seen one with a “Rock” like the one in the picture.
    What treasures, both.

  2. In response to Julia, yes the wedding veil is traditional Polish…according to her daughter, Elizabeth, Aniela’s aunt made the brides dress, and the headdress is made of fresh flowers…Richard

  3. Beautiful picture, (Turk) but I do not understand what he is holding and what she is holding, can you explain?

  4. Wow, what a thrill to see a lateral ancestor on this website!!
    All of the Lafittes in this area of Louisiana (DeSoto and Natchitoches Parishes) are descended from Paul Bouet Laffite who arrived in the Natchitoches via New Orleans from the area of Gers, France in the late 1770’s. Having sired 15 children, there are many descendants of Paul and his wives. #1 was Madaline Grappe, who d. 1781 and #2, Maryanne DeSoto, a granddaughter of Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, who founded the Natchitoches Fort in early 1700’s. We have a Lafitte Reunion coming up in 2009.

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