Family Tree Maker 2008 Program Updates (SP3) are Now Available

FTM 2008Ancestry has just announced a major update for FTM 2008. Improvements include:

  • Major enhancements in performance
  • Major enhancements in stability
  • Book layout in charts
  • Ability to create saved versions for all charts and reports
  • Ability to save user created templates for charts
  • Ability to apply predefined templates for charts
  • Enhancements to place interactions
  • New Find-and-Replace dialog
  • And much more…

You can learn more about the latest update to FTM 2008 on the Ancestry blog.

20 thoughts on “Family Tree Maker 2008 Program Updates (SP3) are Now Available

  1. how do I get the update ?
    I tried to get one before and nothing happened!
    I am really missing some of the features that 2007 had!

  2. Is there a way to put the new info entered onto FTM 2008 and put it in FTM 2007? I was happy with the old version and regret the time, money and energy wasted by the new version. My computer has lost things, stops doing its work and the new program is so slow to load. I guess newer is not better.

  3. My computer will not let me download the new better image for cencus reports. BRING BACK THE SIZE TO PAGE FEATURE. I really miss that. It was fast and accurage.

  4. I download the FTM 2008 and the !@#@$ thing ereased my 2006.16 information. After having a minor fit. I restored the programs 24 hours. Got back my 2006 and it also took off the 2008 up-date. I am really worried about this problem. What is wrong with 2008 FTM I’m not hearing good reports on this or by chance did I get a damaged disc???? Please help me. I will not down-load this 2008 again until I hear from you. the number on the disc is4454-cd v1.0 phone and fax number [707] 226-3383

  5. With all the problems we are having with FTM 2008, I feel you should send us the corrected upgrade at no charge to replace the faulty program that so many of us are having problems with.

  6. I’m in agreement…I don’t like the 2008 version, and neither does anyone else that I know that has it as well.

  7. I have to agree with most everyone about FTM 2008 – It’s virtually a horror! Why wasn’t some of the older versions adapted into 2008? I, too, wish I hadn’t spent the money and just stayed with the older version – if I could figure out a way to add all the “new stuff” to the old version from 2008 – I’d chuck 2008!

  8. I do not like the 2008 Version at all. I have lost so much of
    my family history since I put the 2008 in my computer.

  9. I am so glad to hear that almost everyone agrees with me that Tree Maker 2008 is worthless. I have continued to rely on to compile my information. Why can’t the tree maker be like the one on line? I just have to figure out the best way to get the information into a hard file. I have been printing out individual pages.

  10. Add me to the roll of unhappy customers. 2008 proved to be such a confusing and annoying time waster that I finally gave up on it and went back to 2005. So much time was spent on trying to figure out how to enter data, checking to see whether it made it into my database, trying to find it and in reentering data that I lost all confidence in the program. I did not want to risk losing my research.

  11. I have installed the 2008 verson and have lost all my data recorded on the 2006 version. Is my only option to retype all the data again. There ought to be some way you can update a version without loosing your data. Pat Jackson 2804 N. Monroe Stillwater, Ok. 74075

  12. I do not like FT 2008 at ALL. All the things I worked so
    hard on is lost or it did not go to the new program.
    When I call FT about the program I am told I have to get use
    to it

  13. Have any of you thought about backing up your older version of files on FTM to an external drive (flash drive, or external hard drive) BEFORE you load a new program? DUH!

  14. I thought it was just me that had trouble with FTM 2008. It stinks. It’s super slow to load, and always has a message “Authentication with server failed.” It won’t make a chart going back more than 16 generations, and takes so long to do that it uses up all the virtual memory and hangs up the computer.

  15. I have been using FTM forever, but my last upgrade is FTM 16. I want to be able to make my own books, put them on a disc, and have them printed. My latest is 245 pages, including table of contents, index and pictures. I can give my family discs or upload the file to the web for them to download. The newer versions do not permit this. What we really need is a feature that would permit you to synchronize downloads rather than override them. We also need enhanced picture abilities. By the way, if you want to check a new version, download it to a different directory.

  16. I’m in agreement with all the comments I’ve read. I really liked the old FTM and was hoping that the new 2008 would be much better but am having trouble navigating in it. I liked the way the scrapbook was in the 2005. Scan and there it was. Also could put nots & etc with it. Was really excited about making a book, but not happy with the way it wants all info and then can print out by myself or have you do it and charge me.

  17. I find FTM 2008 confusing and it is a disincentive to continue researching. The previous version was much more intuitive and easy to learn. I am afraid of losing data I’ve worked years to collect.

  18. I hate FTM 2008. I have installed and unstalled about 12 times. I have talk with the company customer service and they have told me things to do but it still does not work properly. It comes up with Authenication with server failed. The screen comes on with very large type and you only see a small portion of the layout. No one at Ancestry can tell me why and what to do. I am lost and very disappointed because this was my first genealogy program to buy and I can not use it.

  19. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my concerns about FTM 2008:
    1.It loads slow because of the maps that most people do not use. 2. When importing from a previous version it scatters info, found my grandmother’s occupation in 5-6 other people’s occupation, cuts off info in Census records especially and not in a consistent manner. 3. Patch 3 removed the marriage notes info that the previous Patch had given back with no way to correct any errors. 4. The City, County & State info is good because you can catch spelling errors or makes you aware of incorrect info 5. Do not like to send info to Ancesty Press in order to print a book and then pay for it. My books are too big to compress into the small amount of pages they offer but I am sure it is a handsome product. Did like the previous versions printing ability even if the index was off a little.
    6. Have HAD to spend many hours, days & months cleaning up the scattered information
    Think you get the gist of my concerns and unhappiness with this program. The previous updates of FTM were much easier than this one has proven to be.

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