Weekly Planner: Re-Visit and Re-Search

Internet resources and databases are ever-changing and those at Ancestry are no exception. Make it a point this week to re-visit databases you haven’t searched in a while. New content is constantly being added and you may find that a tweak in search functionality has uncovered the ancestors that had evaded you in the past. You may also find that another researcher has posted a correction to the record of an ancestor that you had been unable to locate because of a mangled name or mis-transcription. Not only does this allow you to find that elusive ancestor, but you may find a new cousin to research with through the Ancestry Connection Service!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Re-Visit and Re-Search

  1. You mention that rechecking databases is good in case another researcher has sent a correction on a mangled name or something. I would love to know how to send in census name corrections for people whose names have been transcribed incorrectly. For example, my ancestor Uriah Barrett and his family have been transcribed variously as Barndt, Bassett and Bennett. Upon finding them in the original censuses, the name Barrett is clear, if you know that is what it is supposed to be. I have documentation to prove the transcriptions are errors. Can these be corrected? Thanks…Meli

  2. Can you advertise how we can correct entries that need adjustment please? Thanks.

  3. Working with Family Tree Maker – my biggest frustration is making changes or correcting errors. The filter function would seem the likely method to use, but I crash the program over and over if I delete multiple names from a filtered group. Is this normal? Is there a patch to fix the problem? Help and a call to direct help provided no guidance.

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