6 thoughts on “Who Am I? Mystery Flutist

  1. ‘Don’t know anything about the photo other than he’s playing a clarinet, not a flute.

  2. yup, that’s a clarinet. the time period looks like Edwardian, just before World War I. Any other guesses out there?

  3. The time period looks to be 1910-ish to me, or before. Also, that is a clarinet. Flutes are slimer and played horizontal.

  4. Here’s a suggestion from an actual flute player 🙂 – I can’t tell from the small version of the photo, but if you can figure out the brand name of the clarinet – usually it is across the bottom area just above the bell or on the piece just below the mouthpiece (I think it is called a barrel) – you might be able to narrow down your time frame. Good luck!

  5. He appears to be married. That looks like a ring on his left ring finger. His posture is awful for a musician – leaning back with his legs crossed – so he may not have been a professional. Is that a certificate on the wall? If you have more at that top that does not show on the posted picture it may provide more clues. Of course that may be just a studio backdrop.

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