Photo Corner: WWI Era

20080418 Catherine E Hughes 1917-1919 w-Doughboys!.bmpHere’s a photo of my grandmother, Catherine E Hughes (second from the left in the bottom row) of Minooka, PA with some other girls and doughboys. The photo would be from 1917-18.  They are probably at one of the camps to which the boys from home were sent for training before going overseas.
My grandmother was born in 1892. She would have been twenty-five years old at the time of this photo. Again, a guess, but I think the others in the photo are in their twenties.
Thank you for your interest in family photos.
Most sincerely,
Kate Brundage

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4 thoughts on “Photo Corner: WWI Era

  1. Dear Kate– what a treasure you have here. It is so much like some of the ones I have. They too are unnamed. Tho my mother did a pretty good job of marking them.
    I must dig out some of my oldies and submit them or put them in a n album. These pictures can sure give one a pictire of what life was like.
    Donna C
    Nanton Alberta Canada

  2. Kate – Enjoyed viewing the photo you submitted. I have many photos handed down to me from my grandparents on both sides, as well as old photos of my parents/grandparents. I love these old photos. They give us insight as to what life was in their day. I’m endeavoring to interest my grandchildren in their “roots” through old photographs. Unfortunately, I also have a number of “Nameless” pictures.
    NancyLee G.
    Superior, MT

  3. I am related to the Hughes family so this was of interest to me. Perhaps we connect. I have found a website in the county where my parents & grandparents were from to share photos with of that time period. Perhaps more should find & share with the county ancestors lived in.

  4. Dear Kate, You are very lucky to have this picture to cherish
    through the years. My husband’s father passed away when my
    husband was five, and he has no clue as to what he looked like.
    They are native american and the older ones believed a picture
    of them would capture their spirit so they wouldn’t allow any-
    one to take their picture. Thank you for shareing your treasure with us. You have a wonderful family.
    Betty Johnson

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