Weekly Planner: File That Pile

Don’t feel guilt-ridden. It happens. If you’re starting to see large stacks of papers popping up around your workspace, break them down into smaller piles, perhaps sorting by surname first. Then grab a pile each day and spend a half hour filing and making sure information has been entered in your family history database. A half hour a day won’t seem like much and soon you’ll have your files in order again.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: File That Pile

  1. I keep a small folder, with an alphabetical index, next to my computer and all papers go in there immediately. It’s just as quick to pop them in there as in a filing tray on the desk!!
    When I have time I re-sort them into my large Family History folder. They are already alphabetisised so easier and quicker to sort. 🙂

  2. For years I gathered slips of paper; notes on napkins; obituaries of people I was unsure of; great how to advice; notes from oral interviews; as well as audio and videotapes. Pretty soon it was all overwhelming. I went back and purchased four portable file boxes, placed in color coded tabs and labeled them by the family they referenced. I further broke it down to possible future articles for our family newsletter; research trip data; state information; federal information; and a few more.

    I also purchased a 3″ binder, bought the premade tabs that are labeled A – Z and started filing those miscellaneous items. When I find an especially helpful article from Ancestry. com on say “Census” I file it under the “C” tab. I’ve created an index that let’s me know exactly what is behind each tab. Another example is when I picked up the Bullock County, Alabama Chamber of Commerce brochures. I filed them under “B” for Bullock County. These were especially important because they listed my ancestor Sid Pruett as one of the first African Americans to vote in the county.

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