Who Am I? Baltimore Fireman

20080411 uniform-on postcard.bmpHere’s another Who Am I? image that I received. Can you help? Click on the image to enlarge it and post your ideas in the comments below.

Here is a photo postcard I know nothing about. My distant cousin was a fireman, and I thought perhaps it was someone in his family, but I’m not sure.  It was in my grandmother’s scrapbook, so it’s likely someone in our Bowen, Parker, Stroud, Davis, Price, Bell, Warren, Holt, Barham, Sheppard, Hart family. 
The imprinting on the bottom says
Christhil Studio,
114 W. Lexington Street
Balto MD

I did have an Aunt Jennie (Virginia Tisch Orlowski that lived in Baltimore from 1927 to 1995.  Her husband was Anthony Orlowski.) 
The postcard has place for correspondence, name and address, and in the place for the postage stamp, there are the calligraphed initials “SKO.”
Hope someone out there can help!
Kay Neese Smith
Newport News, Virginia

3 thoughts on “Who Am I? Baltimore Fireman

  1. This person has a lot of hash marks on his righjt sleeve which indicates a certain amount of years of service for each hash mark. He is most likely some type of higher ranking fireman. I recently finished a book entitled “The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904”. It contained many pictures of firemen, some who were higher ranking. The exact day I finished this book I discovered a family photo of my Great Grandfather pictured with two other persons and a horse and wagon in the HEART of the burnt Pratt Street Electric station. I was astonished! I paid about $20 for the book on Barnesandnoble.com. Anyway, someone in teh baltimore Fire Department may also be of some help. Good luck from this Baltimorean!

  2. The hash marks are for each 5 years of service. You may check with the Baltimaore FD or local library for history books on the FD and see if the photo in included somewhere. Many depts did station photos, unit photos and individuals.

    Good Luck.

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