Photo Corner, 07 April 2008

Essie Mae McCloud and her first husband, Lee Erwin Houston, during late 40sContributed by Raydonna S. Eastland Adams, McCloud Family Historian
My aunt Essie Mae McCloud and her first husband, Lee Erwin Houston, during late 40s. Essie is now 81 and doing well.

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Children of Charles Amos and Mary Isabelle (Hopper) Wells: Nora Mae, Grace, Gertrude and Harry, Greenville, Indiana.Contributed by Nancy L. (Engleman) Garcia of Superior, Montana
I’ve always considered this a favorite photo of my mother and her siblings born to Charles Amos and Mary Isabelle (Hopper) Wells.  Girl standing is Nora Mae, Grace (seated center) and seated in front, Gertrude.  The young lad is Harry, their only brother.  They were born and reared in Greenville, Indiana. Gertrude was my mother. 

4 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 07 April 2008

  1. Love the photo of Essie Mae McCloud and family. What is the name of the child and what nice shiny shoes Lee Erwin is wearing, he and the family look very smart!
    Best wishes.

  2. PRICELESS! I am so glad that pictures like these have been kept and we get to see them here.

  3. I really like the picture. It’s funny how many pictures we have how many of them are in front of the family car. I guess it just goes to show how alike we all are.

    Thank you

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