Ancestry Posts Slave Registers from Former British Empire Colonies

Former Colonial Dependencies Slave Register Collection, 1812-1834, Barbados-St. ThomasI was so excited about the IRS records I wrote about last night, that I missed another new database that rolled yesterday–Former Colonial Dependencies Slave Register Collection, 1812-1834. The registers now on include details for more than 2.7 million slaves and 280,000 slave owners from a total of 17 former colonial dependencies, including Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Honduras and more. The registers list each slave by name and include gender, approximate age and, in some instances, birthplace, as well as parish of residence. Click here to search this database.

Click on the image to enlarge a sample page from this database.

2 thoughts on “Ancestry Posts Slave Registers from Former British Empire Colonies

  1. This is a very interesting site, but I was hoping for lists from Virginia, Mississippi in 1600,1700, 1800. Will those be coming soon?

    Thanks, Charleen Irby

  2. I know the name of my great,great grand father but only his first name and middle inital. He was born abt.1862.And I know his father was born in England,his mother in South Carolina.How do I find out about his father and his mother?My great and great, great were born in Screven,Ga.My great,great grandmothers father was born in Conn.,her mother in Ga. But I don’t know her maiden name.(she was born in Ga. abt. 1865)
    Could someone please help me if they can? I’ve just began my journey and I am hitting brick walls on my “Fathers” side.
    B. Gail (Umphries) Palensky

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