Photo Corner, 31 March 2008

Commodore Perry OwensContributed by Conni R.
This is my great-great-grandmother’s brother, Commodore Perry Owens. He went out West and was a lawman. 

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Heier Contributed by Kendra (Robinson) Hoffman, Beatrice, Nebraska
This is my husband’s great-great-grandparents, Heier “Henry” and Emma (Shoegfka) Hoffmann, with their daughter Thekla Lena, taken in Germany about 1871, shortly before they immigrated to the U.S. The story handed down about Henry is that he had been the head blacksmith to King Wilhelm (later Kaiser Wilhelm I) in Berlin, and was responsible for inspecting every nut and bolt of his carriages. Henry and Emma settled in Dodge County, Nebraska, where he homesteaded. They also lived in Box Butte Co., Nebraska, for many years, where Henry was a blacksmith. Emma was the mother of thirteen children, and died at age 39 in Box Butte County.

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  1. A copy of this photo of Sheriff Commodore Perry Owens of Apache county, Arizona, showing the “Buscadero” rig of his gunbelt is found on page 208 of Guns and Ammo Guide To “Guns of The Gunfighters” published by Peterson Publishing Co. 1975.

  2. Sheriff Commodore Perry Owens’ grave site and tombstone can be found in the Citizens Cemetery in Flagstaff, Arizona.

  3. Too bad the movie makers didn’t get a copy of this photo. I’ll bet there were lots of stories his family could tell.

  4. Any info on this family that you might share? I have some ancestors who visited Arizona regularly and we don’t know why! The only name we can connect is Owens. Where did your Owens bunch originate? Some of the Owens that we are familiar with are from Canada, but we don’t know if they moved there or originated there. Most of my bunch is from Tennessee. The ones from Canada settled in Raymond, Washington.

  5. If you google “Commodore Perry Owens,” you’ll find all kinds of information about him, even a Wikipedia article. “He went out West and was a lawman” seems to be an understatement.

  6. Kendra,

    My maternal great grandmother was Elizabeth L. Hoffman and was born about 1859. I think she immigrated from Germany around 1870. She married Samuel F (R?) Thompson (b 1858 in Ireland) in 1880. Does Elizabeth show up in your line? Samuel and Elizabeth and their parents are my brick walls.

  7. Sherrill,

    No Elizabeth in the line that we know of. Do you know her parents’ names? Henry had only one sibling – a brother, Carl, who also immigrated to Nebraska. Their parents were Gottfried and Charlotte (Diesterhaupt) Hoffmann. I know that this family came from the small Prussian village of Barwalde, which is now part of western Poland.

  8. Как всегда просто мега обьёмная статья и как всегда дочитал до конца 🙂

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