Tips from the Pros: Using ‘Find’ in Windows

from George G. Morgan

When searching for names or words on long Web pages, don’t forget to use the “Find” function available in most Windows-based programs. You can access this by going to the menu and clicking on Edit, and then on Find. The keyboard shortcut makes it available by pressing the CTRL+F. In the window that pops up, enter either the full word/surname or a part of it. Windows will search for a match on that character string. Continue pressing the Enter key to proceed throughout the Web page until a message is displayed that no matches were found. You can quickly reduce your search time in this way. 

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4 thoughts on “Tips from the Pros: Using ‘Find’ in Windows

  1. I have tried to use both the “find” & “highlight” function when viewing pages on Many of these are county history pages. Neither function works! Wish I knew why, as these old eyes have a problem reading a full page.

  2. Char Kenny,
    If the pages you are viewing are images (i.e., pictures of the page) then “find” won’t work because it only works with text, not images of text. If the pages were transcribed or run through an OCR (optical character recognition) program to convert them to text, and they are being displayed as text, then “find” should work. If you aren’t sure, try highlighting a section of text. If you can highlight a word or line, then it’s usually text and can be searched. If you can’t, and especially if you have the “hand” cursor and can use it to move the contents of the screen, then it’s usually an image and can’t be searched.

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