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  1. I have told friends over the years that you are only as old as you feel and let your self be, So in closing and a really rough week i can say that i started at 45 then moved onto 78ish, had a really goofy day with no sleep the night before and i turned 12 again for a few days I ran right through 12-19. then for my first day off yep a solid 89, and who knows tomorrow I can be 45 again and happy with that age for a while. Age is a frame of mind and we all change when needed.

  2. I chose this quote in honor of my birthday this week. I’ve told my brain that this year I’m twenty-nine. Now if someone would just spread the word to the rest of me… 😉

    Have a great week!

  3. AGE..whatever we think……
    How many times were ride around the star(sun) and our emotions ride us up and down along the way. What a ride we give ourself then do we consider ourself like a child or an old aging person. lets ride!

  4. Age is only a number. I am 66. Some days I am 26, other days I am 86. Over all, it’s what YOU make of the day.

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