Tips from the Pros: April is National Volunteer Month, from Paula Stuart Warren, CG

April is National Volunteer Month and although we are just entering March, I hope that by April many of us have agreed to begin or continue a volunteer job within a genealogical society. Look at your society’s website or newsletter for someone to contact. Societies do not run themselves; many volunteers make it run smoothly. If you don’t know what help is needed, just ask. Let me know what volunteer job you have agreed to do and during April I will let readers know about some of these jobs. Tell me your name, city of residence, and for what society (and locality) you are volunteering. You can e-mail them to me at:

To get you started, think about offering your services for these jobs:

  • Check to see if they need a proofreader.
  • The editor might welcome an article on your genealogical quest or about a library or archive that you have visited.
  • Offer to bring the refreshments for a meeting.
  • Don’t live close to a historical or genealogical library? Offer to do indexing from home.
  • Society’s publications not completely indexed? Another job that can be done from home.
  • Schedule a time to teach a class on using Ancestry.
  • Promise to be the greeter at monthly meetings for the next six months.
  • Any one of 1,255 other jobs!

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