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Katharine Magdalene Penschow, New York City, about 1899.Contributed by Louise M. Hawley
The photo attached is my mother, Katharine Magdalene Penschow, with a not-too-happy expression on her face, standing on the steps of the family’s brownstone apartment building, New York City, about 1899.

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Aunt Ruby Knapp (born 1918) and Uncle Harry Homer Knapp (born 1926). Contributed by Don Lancaster
This is a photograph of my Aunt Ruby (born 1918) and Uncle Harry Homer (born 1926). Harry was my grandfather, Homer Harry Knapp’s only son. He died at the age of eight.

7 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. I think thats a great little photo.The old ones are the best.
    Just retrieved a family photo that was on my Grandfather’s
    living room wall.I had not seen it for fifty years.Because of I was able to buy it back.

    Thank You, John Hawley

  2. The little boy, Harry, was the Grandfather – but he died at age 8??
    Don’t think that was clearly explained !

  3. Both the grandfather & his son had Harry in their names. The Harry in the picture is the grandfather’s son. The grandfather’s only son, not the grandfather, died at 8.

  4. Loved this sweet photo of the brother and sister. When I first looked at it I thought to myself I wonder what became of these two darling children. I was so saddened to then read that young Harry only lived to age 8. Where would his life had lead him? What darling children would he have brought into this world? Heaven must have needed an angel. Thank you Don Lancaster for sharing.

  5. I love both photos but that little girl on the porch steps is enchanting. Can’t make out the dress but I love her lovely hat and cute button up shoes. So stylish. We’ve come a long way from grace and style to velcro! Oh well. It is sad to read that the little boy in the other photo didn’t live long. I’ve found a picture of a toddler on the back of a horse (no saddle) only to find out in checking records that he didn’t live very long either. My husband’s great cousin; is there such a title? His grandfather’s nephew.

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