Weekly Planner: Catch Up on Photo Labeling and Organizing

Well, it’s mid-February, and by now we have our holiday photographs all printed, labeled, and organized. Did I say “we?” Ok, I probably should have said “some of you.” I am among those whose holiday photographs are still only living in digital format. This week, let’s get those photographs printed, labeled, and into a safe environment (i.e., some type of acid- and lignin-free storage place–whether it is an album, sleeve, or box). And don’t forget to label them. This can be a good family activity on one of these cold winter nights!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Catch Up on Photo Labeling and Organizing

  1. ONE of those cold winter nights? I just discovered two more huge boxes of photos that I didn’t realize existed…it’s going to take me a lot of winter nights. The digital photos are the least of my worries, in fact I wish to scan at least the best/most significant of the old print photos, and put some on discs for sharing.

  2. I use an Epson ink jet printer for labeling the back of my photos. It takes several minutes for the ink to dry but after that it does not smear. The big advantage is that it is legible and that an expansive comment may be made with an appropriate font size. My one fear is that in time the ink will bleed through and would welcome hearing of the experiences of others

  3. You can also take your old negatives in and have the photo shop convert them to digital pictures, then you don’t have to scan them.

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