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Malinda Hively Ramsey, born 11 May 1864 in Whitley County, IndianaContributed by Patricia Ramsey Bogel
This is a picture of Malinda Hively Ramsey. She was born 11 May 1864 in Whitley County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Lucinda Miller Hively. She married Charles Ramsey on 19 December 1949 in Whitley County, Indiana, and died 17 January 1904.

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Earnese PierceContributed by Delilah
This is a picture of my mother, Earnese Pierce.

11 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. Randolph, I certainly goofed … Malinda was married 26 December 1886 and died 17 January 1904.


  2. It certainly is nice to see the pictures you must cherish. I know I cherish each and everyone of my photos and you never know who may be looking for one you have.

    Thanks to everybody who shares these photos with us.

  3. One of Malinda Hively Ramsey’s ancestors apparently was Daniel Hively, whose sister Susannah married one of my ancestors, Jacob Bibler Sr., after the families moved from Virginia to Fairfield Co., OH _ and before many of the Hivelys and Biblers moved to Indiana. I decided to check the Hively line further than I had before seeing the photo, and now, thanks in good part to and Patricia Hively Bogel, I know of a number of additional distant relatives _ and even have a photo of one of them.

  4. the picture is very beautiful of Malinda, I would like to know if that is her hair draped down her back or is it a shaw?

  5. The picture of Earnese Pierce is SO beautiful and
    Captivating…She was a very pretty lady….it makes
    you wonder what she was thinking of when she was

  6. Maryann, that is her hair. My daughter told me that the picture always scared her when she was a young girl, but yet she was drawn to it.

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