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Ancestry____logo1.bmpAncestry has added Missouri State Censuses to its collection. Missouri conducted several state and territorial censuses. Unfortunately, very few of the schedules have survived. This database contains an index to, with corresponding images of, several of the remaining schedules. Including about a fifth of Missouri’s counties, the 1876 census is the largest set of the records. The following is a list of the counties and years covered in this database.

  • 1844: Callaway
  • 1856: Audrain
  • 1857-1858: St. Louis
  • 1868-1869: Cape Girardeau, Franklin
  • 1873: Cole (Jefferson City)
  • 1876: Atchison, Benton, Butler, Callaway, Cape Girardeau, Carroll, Cass, Christian, Daviess, Franklin, Gasconade, Greene, Holt, Howard, Madison, McDonald, Moniteau, Montgomery, Osage, Perry, Phelps, Reynolds, Ripley, St Francois, Stone, Texas, Webster, Worth
  • 1880: Cass (Big Creek, Pleasant Hill, City of Pleasant Hill)
  • 1881: Reynolds (these records are actually land list assessment records)

Information contained in this index includes:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • County of enumeration
  • Marital status
  • Race
  • Age
  • Birth location (1857 only)

Be sure to check the image for additional information. The 1876 census recorded ages in categories according to race, gender, and age-span. Sections were also available to indicate whether a person was deaf and dumb, blind, or insane. In addition, information regarding people’s live stock and agricultural products was recorded. Click here to search the Missouri State Censuses.

4 thoughts on “Missouri State Censuses Online at Ancestry

  1. Glad to see the Missouri state census on line. I look forward to other state censuses appearing. They can make such a difference in our work. Theanks for the efforts.

  2. I have run into a problem.I can’t find my Grandmother any place in missouri.Her name was katherine jane clausen I have it that she was born in Harper mo.in/or about 1884.Where do I go from here. thank you very much
    Jay l Olsen

  3. I know that my grandmother Sarah Frances(Fannie) lived after my daddy was born 1887 and when grandpa married in 1903. They lived in Brunot MO. I have searched for twwenty two years and dhad other I do have a letter about her written during the Civil War and she lived din Madison county then. Oh why can’t I find someone that can help me? PLEASE. Thank you Her name waas Sarah Francis Henderson Midkiff and grandpas name was Henry Clay Midkiff He died in 1912 and there are no records. Thanks Lois HKoonse@cox.net

  4. I would welcome more information on how to record and share my family information on Ancestry.

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