Weekly Planner: Map Ancestral Migrations

Create a map of your ancestors’ travels, noting the dates for each location. As you follow the route they took, you may find places where families intersect, or places along the route where they may have left a trail of records. Investigate the transportation options that were available to them. Tracking their route may not give you a clearer picture of their experience, but you may find a new pathway in your research.

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One thought on “Weekly Planner: Map Ancestral Migrations

  1. Not sure if you are aware, but I have started a major project with respect to mapping your ancestors. If you have access to Google Earth, you can create your own satellite view of your ancestors migration/immigration. For example, I started a blog that is solely devoted to using Google Earth in enhancing one’s Family History ‘book’. My Blog, “Students of Descent” provides step by step instructions on how to map your ancestors. I use one of my family lines as an example. For instance, I traced them from the Port of PA, in 1789 and using other sources to where they had lived. I overplayed an old historical map of the entire state of PA. This map shows the migration trails/roads that were used by settlers moving west in PA. This Google earth project included pictures, and in some cases links to ALL the County free search resources on the Internet. Furthermore, this map also shows you the approximate location of all the Forts of PA, at the time the map was made, and Indian Villages. What’s challenging is avoiding getting off on tangents that have nothing to do with your own specific family names. This has led me in many directions 🙂 But, I love history anyway, so it’s all good. This project got a very high ranking amongst the thousands of entries of Google Earth project creators. Not to toot my own horn, but when I saw your post here, I couldn’t resist adding this “Fish Tail” on the matter. Feel free to take a look at my blog or whatever (if the link that I added in the body of this post doesnt work, there is a link on Website. I haven’t posted anything new for a while but the information is still relevant. Thanks for the great post on this subject.

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