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Ernest Stanley and Florence May WattContributed by Ann Davis
This is a picture of our grandparents, Ernest Stanley and Florence May Watt, who moved to Canada and married in British Columbia in 1913. They came back home to England where they had my mother, but tragically Ernest Stanley was killed in a shipyard accident in Northeast England.

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James Hughes, (1738-1823), Town Major of Montreal from 1767-1822Contributed by Terry Chapman
This is an oil painting of my 5th great-grandfather, James Hughes, (1738-1823), Town Major of Montreal from 1767-1822. He fought with General Braddock in Battle of Fort Duquesne in 1755 during the French and Indian War and was a prisoner of war in several U.S. states including Maryland.

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  1. Re the contribution by Ann Davis.

    The ‘shipyard in Northeast England’ was probably Vickers Armstrong at Barrow in Furness (or whoever preceeded them).

  2. Re comment #1: go back to the top of the whole email and click on “Display images below”
    Re PHOTO #2: My great-grandfather Peter Watt born Orkney, Scotland, had at least one brother who moved to England. And cousins who emigrated to Canada. We may be cousins! Please email me! Slater.Anne(at)

  3. I wonder if Terry Chapman was able to research the prison of war camps. My husband’s GrGrandfather, Capt. Joe Brown, was from Nova Scotia and died in a Yankee camp but we have no idea
    how to research this. Had a letter to the editor in a paper in Nova Scotia but didn’t get any nibbles.
    This might make an interesting article for Canadians looking for their relatives. Janice B.

  4. Ann,
    If interested, I live near the Vancouver Public Library which has microfilm copies of early B.C. marraiges and I found the marriage of Ernest Stanley Watt & Florence May Sloan in the index. Let me know if you don’t have a copy of the certificate and would like one. You may already have a copy. They were married in Fernie, B.C. on April 30, 1913.

  5. Thank you so much Lorraine Irving.Posted 29.Jan, We would really love a copy of the marriage certificate of our Grandparents, Ernest Stanley and Florence May Watt. I would be very grateful and will pay you for same if you want to give me details.

  6. Thank you Ann Slater for your comment re the shipyard my Grandfather was killed. It was Hawthorn Lesley Shipyard. Newcastle upon Tyne. Northeast England.

  7. Re comment from Ann Slater. 28 Jan 2008. My Grandfather Ernest Stanley Watt was born in the North East of England. He moved to Canada for a short while, all his family were born in England. but thank you for your interest.

  8. Terry,
    I am interested to know if the descendants of your James Hughes were in the states. I am connected to that line. Grandma’s mother was Sarah Elizabeth Hughes and have that line back to James Hughes and that is all we have on please contact me to see if our lines

  9. When the email comes from Ancestry news my pictures do not show up until I click forward then I can scroll down to see them. For others who have this problem that should help.

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