Photo Corner: Courtin family and Wm. and Sarah Porteus

Courtin Family, London, England, ca. 1909Contributed by Connie Cooke, Fullerton, California
Leopold and Alice Harris Courtin and their brood of 12 (a 13th died before the age of 3) in London, England before the family scattered, ca. 1909.  Connie’s grandfather Harold (far right, second row) came to the U.S. on the Majestic and settled in Oakland, California.


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 William and Sarah Porteus in Ireland, circa 1890s

Contributed by Gene Fabry
Gene’s grandmother’s parents, William and Sarah Porteus in Ireland, circa 1890s.

8 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Courtin family and Wm. and Sarah Porteus

  1. Hi Gene Fabry
    Did William and Sarah Porteus come from the Cork area and were they Quakers?

  2. Brian:
    As far as I know they always lived in county Fermanah. Also do not think they were Quakers. Neither came to America, only my Grand mother

  3. To Ancestry:
    Hope I did not leave out that the Porteus’s were my Grandmothers Parents. My Great grandparents.
    Thanks Gene

  4. Gene,
    Do you know the origin of your g.gandfather’s name,Porteus? I have never heard the name here in Ireland,& wonder if they were “planters”?
    This might also explain their obvious prosperity – their clothes, the studio portrait,& their location in Fermanagh would seem to
    place them in the British middle class rather than the Irish peasantry.
    You are very lucky to have such a good photo from this era. I envy you!

  5. I could not believe it when I found the family picture of the Courtin Family. My great uncle is Eric Stewart who was nine at the time.The family lived at Gordon Lodge Roxbourough Road Harrow. I have the family details from the 1901 census.I have bee researching my family history.Eric married Doris Figg and they lived in Wembley. Her sister Audrey was my grandmother and they helped to raise my father as his father died when he was a baby. He treated Eric as his father. As children we spent a lot of time at their house in Wembley. I can remember meeting his brother Louie and his sisters Hilda and Trissa.
    My mother remembers a lot more so I will be trying to find out more from her about the family.
    Eric and Doris did not have any children and it is a shame because Eric loved children.He died in June 1988 and Doris died in November 1987 they had a long marriage and life.I am sorry that I do not have any photos of them when they were young but I have some when they were in their seventies. I also have a few certificates of birth and marriage and only just recieved the birth certificates yesterday of Alice and Leopold.I hope this helps you and if you require any more details let me know.

  6. Were William and Sarah Porteus related to the Courtins in the picture above?

    If my grandfather (Harold) had a copy of this picture, it would stand to reason that all the children had one. I’m sure there are others tucked away in boxes somewhere! Sure wish people would come forth with their stories.

  7. My name is Shannon Wolfe and I live in Southern California. My grandmother was Sarah Courtin and my grandfather was Oscar Courtin, who raised their family in Whittier California. How do I find out that my lineage is traced to this tree?

  8. do not know what you are talking about.
    Where did those Courtins come from.
    I am a Courtin and my family came from France/Belgium and I was born in Mauritius

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