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20080121 clippie.bmpContributed by Evelyn May
This is a photograph of my mother during WWI when she was a “clippie” on the London trams.

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20080121 Agricola.bmpContributed by Carol Norwood, Doylestown Pennsylvania
This is the oldest photo I own! It was taken in 1874 in Goettingen, Germany, and shows my great-great-grandparents, Otto Ludwig Agricola and his wife, Caroline Perthes, with their children Martha (age four), Ernst (six months old), Emmy (age eight), and, in the front, Agnes (my great-grandmother). They had another son, Bernard, in 1877.

34 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. Interesting old fotos, but incorrect identification….better luck next time!! 20 Jan. ’08

  2. Interesting expressions and tilt of the children’s heads in this photo. The father leaning in is unusual too. Thank you for sharing this photo. I really like it.

  3. ITS to bad more canadian points of interest could’nt be in weekly journel………..

  4. Carol, I know you. Do you work at Stone & Youngberg??? Email me. Julie (formerly from the Sherman Oaks Office).

  5. What does it take to get a photo featured in the newsletter? I’ve submitted some very interesting photos and nada. Oh well.

  6. Thank you for publishing the picture of my mother. Unfortunately, the descriptions were reversed but I think readers will work it out for themselves.

  7. I, too, noticed that the captions were reversed on the two photos. Like message #9, you already have been told but now you know that we really read them and look aat the pictures.

  8. As so noted previously by others, the captions were reversed. It would have been nice to know the name of Evelyn May’s mother.

  9. I would love to have contact with Eve May as I have an ancestor Rose May, from the London area.

  10. Thank you for always showing marvelous pictures. I have
    started my day realizing these pictures were representative
    of what happens doing the genealogy……….with all the
    men named William in my research, , my own cousin sent me a picture of his dad and identified it as my dad, we are all human, and fortunately it wasn’t brain surgery. Or maybe
    that’s what me and my cousin actually need.


  11. # 7
    Try senting them a few bucks.
    Your picture might be posted tomorrow.
    What your complaining about, so do many of my friends.
    They don’t seem to like Italian pictures.

  12. As commented on before the captions are backward. For a “supposed expert” in this area it is surprising to me that you did not proof read the material before it was posted. If you had you might have caught the error before it was posted to the site.

  13. I love the old pictures. Can you tell me what a “Clippie” is. I have not heard that before. Thanks

  14. Really lovely old pictures ,,,A clippie was a lady on the transport system in London years back who took the fare money for travelling on the transport usually buses.
    The family photo is really nice its such a pity that the folk whom these family photos belong to have to see them wrongly depicted … UK

  15. I believe that enough has been said about the mistaken captions for the photos. It doesn’t take a genius, people, to
    know the difference!

    Each of the photos is a wonderful representation of the two eras. The family photo seems to depict a warm and loving couple with their children. I also love the uniformed photo
    of the lady clippie.

  16. The pictures are very plain and clear. You can see clearly who the people are.

  17. Thank you so much for these wonderful pics. Too bad so many critical people had to point out the obvious instead of just enjoying the pics. Loved the “Clippie” pic — I assume that was her uniform. Glad she thought enough of it to have her portrain done while wearing it!

  18. re: comment #17 – I’ve noticed many Italian families in the photo corner over the past year. Are you claiming discrimination against Italians?

  19. Thank you Evelyn May for giving all of us the credit to understand that the captions were reversed. The only Mays I have found in my own tree are always middle names. Very nice picture though. Thank you for sharing.

  20. To add to the earlier “Clippie” query and answer. Yes she issued tickets to tram travellers. This ticket indicated that the correct fare had been paid. But the name stems from the fact that Evelyn May’s mother had a small square shaped machine (located above her waistline on her left hand side) that punched a hole (or clipped) the ticket to prevent it being used again. Hence “Clippie”.

    Joe (I must get out more often) the Nitpicker

  21. Excellent photos – thank you for sharing…same comment on the captions being reversed – nice to know we are still human in this age of technology.;-)

  22. To # 30, Joe. Thanks for explaining to those of us not familiar with the term. I had a feeling that was the reason for the name “Clippie”; it just made sence to me so I was glad you confirmed that. Great pictures.

  23. No use me adding to your distress about the captions under the wrong pictures. Please know we really love this feature of your newsletter. The old photos are truly lovely. Thanks!

  24. Thanks everyone for the comments. I was just checking to make sure you were all paying attention. 😉

    Seriously, I apologize for the error, particularly to the submitters. It is nice to see how many people look at them. When we went to the weekly format, I wasn’t thrilled at first, but this was one of the advantages of the change–I was able to expand on what we had previously been doing and had more flexibility to add fun features like this.

    I do get many photographs from readers like you, and it’s a tough job choosing which ones to include. One thing to note–because of the formatting of the newsletter, I typically have to crop a little and resize the image to fit the space I have available. For this reason, if a photo is too wide, it is sometimes impossible to fit. I do like to try to post these occasionally on the blog though and we can link to it in the Blog Extras section.

    Also, because I have such a large backlog, sometimes photographs can get pushed to the bottom of that email folder and overlooked. Although I do try to go back and look through older photographs, if you haven’t seen your photograph published, you can resend it.

    Thanks again for everyone who has shared with us!
    Have a great day!

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