Who Am I?

Mystery manHere are a couple mystery photographs that were sent in by Barbara G. Does anyone out there have any additional information?

Here are two pictures in hopes that another Ancestry member has some information for me.  I spent hours on the Internet trying to find more information on the man in uniform at Fort Ontario, New York (top).   He looks similar to my great grandmother’s nephew, John Schofield, who I have a picture of with name and date (bottom).  It looks like John is wearing a policeman’s uniform in the second picture. Again I am not sure.  Both pictures came from my great grandmother’s photo
album.   Any help would be appreciated.
Barbara G.

20080118 JohnSchofield.bmp

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  1. The soldier looks to be a cadet from West Point. I did a name search for the graduates, but I did not find a John Schofield. There is a James Schofield.

    What is the significance of the FALLON 563 marking?

  2. Perhaps the photo with the tall cap is of the young man in a band uniform! I have a photo of two of my grandmother’s nephews (brothers) that were in ban uniforms from their high school days. It could be the same person in both photos, but taken a few (or several) years apart.

  3. The one with fancy tall hat is dated 1931 and the simple one is dated 1926. They both look like the same man. If he were a policeman in 1926 why would he wear a band-type uniform in 1931? Unless perhaps he was in a policemen’s band? Is that possible? It’s a thought. Either way, he sure seems proud to wear them.

  4. I enlarged the belt buckle in the top picture and was able to determine that it is a large “E”. This combined with the eagle on the cap lead me to believe that this was a school band uniform. The Oswego State athletic program is known as the “Golden Eagles.”
    The State University of New York at Oswego, also known as Oswego State and SUNY-Oswego, was founded in 1861 as Oswego Normal School by Edward Austin Sheldon and became the New York State Teachers College at Oswego in 1948. In 1962 Oswego broadened its scope to become an arts and sciences institution.
    Fort Ontario, New York, is just across the river from the city of Oswego.
    Did your John Scofield have a son?

  5. The photographer probably put the last name on the proof for ID purposes. The number may have been the negative number for easy reference if they wanted more prints in the future. I do not believe the uniform has anything to do with West Point – the cadets did not wear epaulets on any of their uniforms. If he was in high school or college at the time of the photo, he may have been in a band or been a drum major. Look for high school or college info and see if there are any old yearbooks available to check out the bands.

  6. I realize that this is a far out comment but in the bottom photo, the persons right arm appears to be somewhat longer than the left which is not so in the top photo. I would say they are not the same person.

  7. A policeman in 1926 would have been born no later than 1906. The “officer” in 1931 ( or is it 1934?) would then be at least 25 if the same man; he looks younger than that to me. While they may be related, I doubt if it is the same man.

  8. My last name is Schofield. Could there be any relation?
    I’m only 12, but my Dad is Earle Schofield III.
    Could I be related to John or James Schofield?

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