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Jacqueline Lorene Johnston (1918-2007) and Grayson Eugene Johnston (1916-2004)Contributed by Ann Rohleder Stephens
These adorable children are Jacqueline Lorene Johnston (1918-2007) and Grayson Eugene Johnston (1916-2004), my first cousins once removed. Their mother, Susie Dallas Rohleder Johnston and my grandfather, Andrew Hamilton Rohleder, were siblings. The picture was taken at Scotts Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the early 1920s and made into a postcard.

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Maurice Conde, who was born 17 July 1891 in Rapid River, Delta County, Michigan, and his brother, Elton Harold (Ted) Conde, born 8 June 1893, also in Rapid RiverContributed by Alice Conde Garner
This is a photograph of my dad, Maurice Conde, who was born 17 July 1891 in Rapid River, Delta County, Michigan, and his brother, Elton Harold (Ted) Conde, born 8 June 1893, also in Rapid River. The photo was taken ca. 1898.

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  1. Hello…

    Are your CONDE ancestors part of the CONDEE line? My father’s(Leonard Erwin Manley) maternal grandmother was Alice Condee, who was born 28 Dec 1848 in Athens County, Ohio; 05 May 1917 in Nelsonville, Athens COunty, Ohio. She married Austin V. HAYMAN on 28 April 1869; they had Ida Ann HAYMAN who married Robert Leroy MANLEY and they had my father, Leonard.

    Any connection?

    Thank you.
    Kathleen Manley
    Springfield, Clark County, Ohio
    Residing outside Seattle WA since 1973

  2. I love the pictures. Is there any way they could be printed one above the other, with the information about the picture and the ‘picturee’s’ side by side?


  3. The last three issues of did not show the
    pictures–only a blank block where the pictures should have
    been printed.
    Up to this time I had no trouble seeing the pictures.

  4. I LOVE these two young boys’ photo. Its one of those that calls for a thought caption. Maurice looks so sincere and serious in his facial expression, facing the camera dead on,and oh so grown up in his body posture. Meanwhile, his younger brother Elton appears to be rolling his eyes back, viously would rather be anywhere else, is ignoring the camera, and his slightly slouched body language seems to punctuate his attitude about this photo thing. LOLOL! I would love to see what these boys looked like in their 20’s or 30’s and what their personalities were like – maybe there is a clue in this photo? And what professions did they choose? LOLOL I love old photos.
    Lesley Cluff

  5. The picture is of my Grandfather- Elton, My father was also a Maurice and I have a nephew, Maurice. I have lived in Arizona since 1958.

  6. I love the photo submitted by Ann Stephens. Although she doesn’t state who is in the photograph, it is so cute and well done, and such a natural pose. A good lesson for taking your own photos. I enjoy photo corner very much.

  7. This Conde family is of Scottish origin, the surname originally spelled Condie. Maurice and Ted were both barbers, Maurice served in the American Army in WWI later coming to Canada. Ted lived in Detroit moving to Arizona later. Maurice was of a serious nature, Ted was more outgoing and had a beautiful singing voice. I heard him sing in 1954 with Aunt Billie at our old parlour grand piano when they came to visit my Dad during his illness. Hi to Karen, please obtain my e-mail address from Kim and get in touch. I have been in touch with him and Norma.

  8. I have a similar photograph in my family’s oldest photo album. It’s of five boys in similar costumes. The inscription on the back says only “Henry”.

    Does anyone know the significance of the clothes that the boys are wearing? Thanks to Alice for posting this photo. Now I have a time period to figure out who these boys are. My ancestors are from Blue Earth Co. Minnesota, Huston TX, and Ross Township, PA.

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