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Clifton Henrie May, Jackson, Wyoming, ca. 1923Contributed by Vern May
Here is a picture of my father, Clifton Henrie May, about the time he was married in 1923. He is standing in front of his father’s frame home–the first one built in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was ordered from Sears and Roebuck catalog and constructed by my great-grandfather, James Ira May, first bishop of the Jackson Ward.

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Audrey Stanbridge, born 1924Contributed by Brian and Chris Graham
This is a picture of Audrey Stanbridge who is my Mother. She was born in 1924 in the UK and this was taken in 1928. Audrey is now eighty-three-years-young, lives in a retirement village, and goes to activities such as keep fit to music, dancing lessons, and so on. She has visited the South of France and Slovakia in the last eighteen months.

5 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. Vern
    Do you or anyone else have any Ideal , In what year that house in Jackson hole was built ?

  2. Vern,
    My father-in-law,Irl Vance May Jr. says he had a great uncle, John May from out west, thinking it was in the Dakota’s. Just looking for any relation. My father-in-law was born in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks for any info.

  3. We have lots of Mays in our family many of them starting back in Virginia (1814), migrating on to Indiana (1835), Iowa (1860) settling in Montana and Idaho(1882). Do you have anyone in these areas? I would be glad to share what information that I have.

  4. The only information my father-in-law could give me was on his great uncle John May and unsure of where “out west” he came from, just possibly the Dakotas. I haven’t had a chance to search much on my husband’s side of the family but this will now get me started. Sorry, no one in the areas that were mentioned by Souix.

  5. I got sidetracked and did not get back to the people who commented. I think that the house was built sometime in the early 1910’s. My May line came directly from England in 1852 (George May b. 1909 and Hannah Hobson, b. 1809) and I don’t think that the Dakota May’s would be directly connected. The Virginia connection, however, is of interest. I have one piece of information that a George May emigrated from England to Virginia in about 1799 and that said George May was born in Chieveley, Berkshire, England. He could have been a brother to my 5th g-grandfather James May and son of George May and Elizabeth King. If that connection can be verified then all of the Virginia – Indiana May’s would be connected. I’m interested in what information that Souix has.

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