Your Quick Tips, 31 December 2007

Embroider Names and Dates on Christening Gown
When I read the tradition you published about the christening gown, it brought back some memories. When my first grandchild was about to be born, I was crocheting a christening gown. A friend told me that in Australia the tradition is that each child that is christened in the gown gets his/her name and christening date embroidered on the slip under the gown. This would make a great tradition.
Linda Brammer

Persistence Pays
My suggestion, especially for newbies, is use persistence in searching for a long lost relative.  It took me about six years to finish a timeline for a great aunt and about five years to fill in some lost years for my Dad.  You can do an exhaustive search for a while, then put it to rest for a while.  Then try again and sometimes new information surfaces in very unlikely spots.  I found a book listed on E-bay that filled in the blanks for my father. 
G. Barbeau

Cemetery Records for Lopez Island, Washington
I am Sexton for the Lopez Union Cemetery Association. We have an updated index of names of plot purchasers and those buried from 1872-2007–1,350 plus names. The list is maintained on MS Word Tables, and I can e-mail it to anyone interested.
Lopez Island is part of the San Juan Island group, state of Washington, in the far northwest corner of the United States.
Larry Clark
Sexton, Lopez Union Cemetery Association
Davis Bay Road, Lopez Island, Washington

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2 thoughts on “Your Quick Tips, 31 December 2007

  1. Thank-you for this weeks information. It has been the most helpful to me…..of all articles. Happy New Year!

  2. My grandfather was born in Ellsworth NH they had a fire and all records were lost.Is there any way I might find something? I would appreciate any thing at all.
    Thanks Joyce

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