Weekly Planner: Glean Family History Information from Holiday Greetings

Those holiday newsletters from family members contain a wealth of information to be mined. News of weddings, newborn babies, anniversary celebrations, the loss of a loved one–all are part of your family history. Save these greetings and enter the information you find in them in your genealogy database, citing the sources. Family newsletters are a real holiday “gift” to family historians!

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One thought on “Weekly Planner: Glean Family History Information from Holiday Greetings

  1. This has probably been said before but keeping copies of the Christmas Letters your family writes each year can be a history of your own family (or at least a reminder of which year you remodeled the kitchen or took that trip to the Grand Canyon – especially for those of us who are a little older and the specific year a certain event took place is getting a little fuzzy now.)

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