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  • Historic U.S. and Canada Atlases, 1591-2000
  • North Dakota State Census, 1915 & 1925
  • Southern Claims Commission Records

11 thoughts on “New at Ancestry

  1. When will you be able to capture and post the second half of the Ontario Marriages? Many of them are two pages and you’ve only posted one half – leaving off the witnesses, date and place of the marriage. Why?

  2. When will you be posting more information from Texas. Missing years of marriages, divorces, etc.


  3. When will the 1911 census be published in Great Britian? lots of rumours that it will be earlier than 100 years what is the official line.
    Are you ever going to have census returns for Ireland like you have for England Scotland and Wales?
    Thank for a good site

  4. Would like to see more records from Detroit, Des Moines, New York City and Minneapolis posted for the period of the 1890s.

  5. How many more months – it has been nearly 6 months now – before someone takes the time to move the “Simon Lobdell Genalogy” back to where it is accessible to those of us who subscribe to the U.S. Annual Deluxe? No plausable excuse has been issued for the moving of this book (and possibly others) to the World Deluxe subscribers only.
    My subscription will run out on 5 Feb 2008 and will not be renewed unless there is some kind of response to my problem.
    This is not the first time I have requested a response and am wondering if ANYONE who submits a question ever receives a response!

  6. What are the chances of obtaining more data on 1890-99 period for NYC and specifically for Kings County/Brooklyn?

  7. When will you have any information regarding naturalizations from both Alpena and Detroit, Michigan? I am also interested in newspaper articles from both locations.

  8. Are there any plans in the works for more data from records in the Albemarle County and Rockbridge County areas of Virginia? Marriage/Birth/Death records, historical newspapers – etc

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