Newspapers from Ten States and Two Canadian Provinces Posted at Ancestry

Ancestry____logo.bmpWas checking out the new databases that went up this week and found a big update to the Historical Newspapers went up yesterday. Two million pages were added for ten states and two Canadian provinces. There are now newspapers available for all fifty states with the additions from Hawaii and Wyoming.

I was especially thrilled to see one from my mother’s home town included. I’m going to have lots of fun mining that one for goodies! I checked and already see seventy hits on one of our family surnames! 🙂

Here’s a list of the new titles: 





Rhode Island

South Carolina







20 thoughts on “Newspapers from Ten States and Two Canadian Provinces Posted at Ancestry

  1. The Atlanta Constitution Archive/Stacks ( now boasts that for a healthy fee, anyone can view their newspapers, online, up through 1941, but to my knowledge does not have them available through that recent date. Is there any plan to add more recent editions to those already available.

  2. I was pleased to see some activity with the new newspaper additions. However I have been waiting a number of years to see the many papers that the Morrow County Genealogical Society has microfilmed which covers a portion of North Central Ohio. Morrow county was formed in 1848. The society is located at P.O. Box 401, Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338-0401.

  3. It’s great that you added some new newspapers; however, can you please add Scranton, PA’s and Fall River, MA’s? These were two very important cities for Irish immigrants.

  4. Please add Quebec newspapers, especially Montreal where many US citizens have ancestors. Thanks for adding more newspaper sources.

  5. Please add newspapers from the Yukon and North West Territories. Paper from a century ago are hard to find. Thanks

  6. Are there plans to add newspapers from places in Ontario, such as Toronto, eg., the Toronto Star ?

  7. Please add Oil City, PA. (and Montreal, Quebec) newspapers from the 19th century. Des Moines, Iowa newspapers from the same period would be great, too!

  8. I’m glad to see the more recent papers, but am anxiously waiting more truly historical ones-especially from areas in the South and West. Papers such as the Atlanta Constitution, Richmond Daily Dispatch, New Orleans Picayune,etc. for the Civil War-1900 era. Ditto for areas like mentioned in comments above during the primary immigration years. Thanks!

  9. I would like to see you consintrate on the small town news papers They generaly mention everyone who lives in the town plus whom ever is visiting. The big city papers are into the news more and cover historocal events far more than they do people

  10. I will add a plea to the list of papers desperately desired. Please add Cameron County, PA and Lancaster Co, PA papers!

  11. I would like to see the Savannah Morning News (Savannah GA) added, particularly for the 1920s forward. That newsaper is one of the great regional newsapers of the South, and is TERRIFIC source for obits for people of all walks of life who died in about a 100 mile radius of the city of Savannah. It seems that many people from the 1920s forward in this region would have obituaries published in both their small town newspaper and the SMN. Thanks, Tom

  12. It would be very beneficial if you would add newspapers from Indiana & Ohio where many ancestors were traveling following the railroads.

  13. While I appreciate the addition of any newspaper, I want to alert people that some of the “new titles” might be for just a few issues of a paper. Example: New title of Free Press Evening Bulletin for Winnipeg is for a single issue: Oct 10, 1932. The Manitoba Free Press Daily is for a single issue: Nov 23, 1891. So when you see a title on the list, realize it could be as little as 1-2 issues and cities that appear “cover” are not. Also many of the new titles cover 1940s-1970s, rather than earlier periods.

  14. I would enjoy newspapers from the South especially Jackson, Tennessee; bootheel of Missouri, Corinth and Tupelo, Mississippi area; Southwestern Kentucky; and Arkansas. These area are definitely under represented at

    Other areas would be Anderson, Lauren, Greenville and Abbeville counties of South Carolina; Jefferson City, Missouri and surrounding areas; Memphis, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas; Northern Alabama.

    Thank you for your consideration

  15. are there any newspapers available for 1800- 1860 from Virginia (Page County/Rockingham/Shenandoa)? Or from Missouri 1855 t0 59 from Platte County Missouri? It is very difficult to find any info re these areas and time periods.

  16. For a pretty hefty fee, I accessed in person the Kittanning Leader Times (PA) which are being stored in the Valley News Dispatch in Tarentum,PA. They have some microfilms but the microfilm reader is of no use.(poor quality and no enlargement)
    Could get these online?

  17. Glad to see new ativity in the newspapers, but would like to see more of Ohio, Kentucky and even Michigan’s newspapers. these states have a lot of families moving thru them especially around 1850 to 1900 eras.

  18. Would love to see newspapers from Kansas, Mostly Lyon county and Chase county. Also New Hampshire. from 1800 through 1925.

  19. All newspapers are great. What a beautiful collection! I would dearly love to see The Linn County News, published in Linn County, Missouri, on Ancestry. You do have on-line, The Chillicothe, Mo. papers. I cannot tell you, the good I have gotten from reading those. I have even found my own family obituaries there, although the family always lived in a neighboring county. The reason the Linn County news would be so valuable, is that, at least through the 1940’s, they published a “Looking Back” feature, that went back 100 years!—Thanks for all the present papers.

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