Photo Corner: Luigi’s Shoe Repair Shop

Luigi's Shoe RepairI love this photograph but I would have had to crop it terribly to fit in the newsletter, so we’ll just post it here on the blog. I love that even the family pet is in the picture! Click on the image to enlarge it.

Taken in 1918, this is picture of my grandfather in front of his shoe repair store in Grantwood, now Cliffside Park, New Jersey. From left to right is my Aunt Tina, my father Frank in the baby wagon, my Uncle John, and standing in the back is my Grandfather, Luigi. The dog’s name was Sporty! The store is no longer standing, and in it’s place is a 7-11 store.

Michael Corrado

5 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Luigi’s Shoe Repair Shop

  1. I absolutely love this photo. It’s charm is in the details of the story. Like the information about the cute little dog that you barely notice in the doorway and that Luigi is holding a shoe while posing with his children. What a wonderful bit of Americana. It reminds me of my own grandfather who also was a cobbler about that same time, but in Chicago.

  2. Your wonderful picture reminded me of a similar picture I have of my great grandfather in front of HIS shoe repair place in Beatrice, Gage Co., Nebraska. Shoe repair places are so few and far between now; suppose in 90 years from now, our descendents will be showing off images of ancestors in front of cell phone stores?

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