Family Tree Maker 2008 Service Pack 2 is Now Available

FTM2008.bmpWas just checking out the Ancestry blog and I see that a new service pack is available for FTM 2008. The update reintroduces some publishing features and resolves issues related to speed, program stability, and usability. You can read about the enhancements and resolutions that are involved and learn how to get the update on the Ancestry blog.

7 thoughts on “Family Tree Maker 2008 Service Pack 2 is Now Available

  1. Fine. Fine. After adding the patch, I can’t open FTM 2008 at all. I get the Windows must close message every time. What’s next?

    –J Rutter

  2. still waiting for the genealogical descendancy report capability with capability of copying as a .rtf OR .pdf file. This capability was available with FTM 2006. When will this again be available?

  3. After reading the comments above I know that I was wise to wait until the “bugs” are out! I will give it another few months and check out the blog to see when it is okay to get the new version!

  4. I believe that last month there was an article on Family Tree Maker 2008 that featured the three men that rewrote the Family Tree Maker. The main author told what went into rewriting of 2008 Family Tree Maker. Ther was two things to click onto and the first one wa a vidio showing how to use this Tree Maker. I had to go out of this and cole of the E-mail and when I tried to locate this information I could no longer find it. Can you resend this weekly letter or the letter that contained this information? I have Family Tree Maker 2008 and also the book on how to use FTM 2008; however, the vidio was great that i was lookin at and did not get a chance to see all of the vidio. Thank you. KPS.

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