Book Review: The United States in 1800

I recommend reading, The United States in 1800, by Henry Adams.  It is amazing to read how difficult it was to move around in New England.  This includes people and commerce.  I was surprised to learn that the stage-coach was invented back there.  I thought it was invented out west!
Bette Thatcher, IST
Sacramento, California

Thanks Bette! I did a quick search for that title and found that it is available online through the American Studies at the University of Virginia website. If you have a genealogy or history related book or movie that you’d like to recommend, you can send it to and I’ll post it here on the blog.


One thought on “Book Review: The United States in 1800

  1. Is this book focused primarily on the northeast like so much of our country’s literature? Life in New England or New York was nothing like life in other parts of the country at that time.

    Jo Prytherch

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