Photo Corner, 26 November 2007

William �Mode� Morrison taken about 1915Contributed by Don Morrison
This is a picture of my grandfather, William “Mode” Morrison taken about 1915. He owned a garage in Manteno, Illinois, at that time. I have always liked the picture as the buggy and car show the changing times.

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 Annie (nee Pemberton) Garvis, Thomas Tame, Levi Garvis, and Edna (nee Garvis) TameContributed by Marchem3
Here is a photo (left to right) of Annie (nee Pemberton) Garvis, Thomas Tame, Levi Garvis, and Edna (nee Garvis) Tame–four generations of my family. (My mother, Edna, died in 1999.) The photo was taken about 1935-36. Annie came to Australia from Lancashire, England in 1885, her family was glasscutters. She married William Garvis (Jarvis) in 1886 and after his death in 1926, married a George Fitzallen. She died in 1940. William and Annie lived and worked at Canning Downs near Warwick, Qld, and had their family there. William worked with horses. Annie was a domestic. It is interesting to note that William immigrated to Australia as JARVIS, married as GARVIS, raised his children as GARVIS, but was buried as JARVIS. Makes researching VERY interesting! The photo is not in good condition but no less valuable to us.

3 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 26 November 2007

  1. I’m kind of entralled by the photo of Mode Morrison. Happy that he owned his own garage but kind of sad that he looks like he had to work so hard. It is a great picture. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Would “Mode” Morrison be related to Milton S Morrison from Illinois. Milton S was born in 1842 and died in 1926.

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