Tips from the Pros: Driveway Stones, by D.G. Fulford

I was teaching a group of fourth graders. I love fourth graders. They live in that sweet, honest space between cute and cool. I asked them about family traditions; something very special that their families loved to do. I got lots of answers about Christmas Eves, and about centerpieces at Thanksgiving. Then one boy raised his hand, and told his story.

His grandpa lives in the country, kind of far away. Every time the boy visits, his grandpa gives him a stone from his driveway to carry home. This tradition had been going on for about three years, then the grandson added a twist. He began bringing a stone from his own driveway, each time, to give to his grandpa. This way, they passed pieces of their homes–and their hearts–back and forth.

Don’t feel that you always have to be recording family history. You can be making it, too. 

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One thought on “Tips from the Pros: Driveway Stones, by D.G. Fulford

  1. It is such a wonderful idea!
    I know it might seem silly, but my family collected memory stones from vacations to put into our garden. My dad would have said, ” No tourist trap purchases allowed!” Sharing stones shares family ties even more.


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