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Maria Eva Hagen Kirchmier, born ca. 1772Contributed by Joan B. Wright, Virginia Beach, Virginia
The attached picture is of my third great-grandmother, Maria Eva Hagen Kirchmier, born ca. 1772 according to the 1850 census. She was the wife of Lambert Kirchmeier born in Deidesheim, Bavarian Pfalz. Maria Eva was also born in Deidesheim. She immigrated to New Orleans about 1848 and resided with her daughter and son-in-law, Magdelena and Marcellius Eschmann ‘til her death in 1859. The picture was taken in New Orleans about that year.

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Alice Jane (Allie) Cale, and Andrew Johnson (Andie) CullingsContributed by Donna Cullings, Belcher, Indiana
This is a photograph of my great-grandparents, Alice Jane (Allie) Cale, and Andrew Johnson (Andie) Cullings, probably taken on their wedding day, 9 December 1885. They had thirteen children, but four died very young.

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  1. Love both of these pictures. Their clothes are fabulous. I live in Indianapolis but have never heard of Belcher Indiana–must look it up. Notice the netting on Maria Eva’s hands.

  2. We really enjoy these old photographs. One can look into those faces and only wonder what lives they represent.

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