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amuel Edward Sears (1876-1951) and Petronella Erma Symons (1895-1989), married 7 April 1913, in Prineville, OregonContributed by Donna Chernick
A wedding picture of my grandparents, Samuel Edward Sears (1876-1951) and Petronella Erma Symons (1895-1989). They married 7 April 1913, in Prineville, Oregon, and had four sons, Richard (my father), Raymond, Victor, and Wallace Sears.

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Unidentified from Minsk, ca. 1890-1910Contributed by Alex Morris, Sarasota Florida
Here is a picture from around 1890-1910. The two are mysterious ancestors or dear friends of my grandparents, Sam and Henrietta Oliphant. They moved from near Minsk during the 1890s and were in Brooklyn, New York, during the 1900 census. The back of the picture identifies the photographer’s studio in Minsk, Russia, now the Belarus capital. The studio had electricity, so could actually be open at night, and the photographer could tint with pastel colors as well.

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  1. AS the one photos caption says these are unidentified family members or DEAR friends. I have some photos of the same era that I am unable to place yet and have wondered before about the prevalance of distributing photos to friends. Would the cost of the photos at the time have been so expensive that they would have only gone to family? Or would it have been common practice to give them to fiends?

  2. Over the past montrhs I have submitted (twice) what I believe to be a clear family photo of possible interest – from the 1890s. Does its non-publication mean that you did not receive it in reproducible form – that for some reason it does not qualify for publication – that my membership has lapsed – that it isn’t good enough – that you just have a large backlog and haven’t gotten to it as yet – or some other unstated reason applies. WHH

  3. Hi! I have photos of two women that resemble the mother with son (?) from Alex Morris, published in your newsletter. One is of Florence Riemer (Herbst), born 1883 Laschewo, Poland (then Germany), died 1946 Amherst Ohio. Photo perhaps 1900-1910. The second photo is of Florence Schultz (Riemer), born about 1850-1870 in Germany or Poland, and her daughter whose name I don’t know. I believe they were all from in or near Laschewo. Florence Schultz’s husband Michael Riemer was a brother of Florence Riemer’s father John Riemer.

  4. By any chance, did Samuel Sears have a brother who married a Sarah Hughes? I have been unable to find any marriage record or census record (for sure) to identify my Unknown Sears. I know that Sarah was a widow by 1900 and living in oregon.

  5. Alex Morris’ submitted photo is a researchers dream. The lady’s dress, probably her best one, is easy to see. Her hair style can be looked up in web sites or books on period hair design as can her jewelry which she appears to proudly wear. The young boy’s clothing would all give hints to dating the photo if the date were unknown. Holding a book, even though it may be a prop, points to an appreciation of either reading or education. The lady’s hand around the boy may mean that he is either her son or a close relative. She appears to be protecting him. Photo’s are mysterys just waiting to be solved!

  6. For Barbara Laver.

    My grandfather had one brother live to adulthood. His name was John Sears (1863-1931). John married 3 times, and all 3 wives were sisters surnamed Cairns.

  7. I have to make a correction. My father was Raymond Sears, not his brother Richard.

  8. Since Olphant is such an unusal name, did they happen to have a son named Frank who eventually moved to Costa Mesa, CA. His wife was nameed May.

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