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Due to a mix-up in the newsletter of October 22, we featured the wrong photographs in the newsletter, but ran the correct images on the blog. This week I’m including all four images here on the blog to cover all the bases. My apologies to our submitters and to everyone for the error last week. I was doubling up on work so I could take a week of vacation time, and I confused which issue I was working on. (But I’m feeling much better now!) 😉  Here are the images for both weeks:

Contributed by Donna Tougas, Warwick, Rhode IslandCharles Aolph Thomas, 1849-1936
This is Charles Aolph Thomas, 1849-1936 (photo ca. 1879-85). He was a great-great-grandfather to my daughters, Wendy and Jenn Thomas. We call him Civil War Thomas. He lived in South Carolina and fought in the Civil War when he was about thirteen years old. Many years later, he moved north and raised a family in Rhode Island. He hung around the Veterans Hall with his friends so everyone knew he fought in the war. He passed away in 1936. At that time he was given a big “send off.” His casket was placed on a horse and buggy and paraded through town before the burial. It wasn’t until several weeks later that everyone realized he had fought for the South and not for the North! He had to be having a good laugh. 

Evelyn Gail Merriman (July 31, 1876 to Nov. 11, 1951)Contributed by Karen Schultze, Toms River, New Jersey
This is a photo of my great-grandmother, Evelyn Gail Merriman (July 31, 1876 to Nov. 11, 1951). She was born in Yonkers, New York and lived most of her life there. The last few years of her life she lived in Laurelton, New Jersey, (now known as Brick, New Jersey). She married George Allen Kimball, and they had four daughters, her daughter Ethel was my grandmother. This photo was taken around 1910-11.

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Contributed by Carol EssaryMary Harriet Carnay and Eugene Ross Walker, 15 September 1929 and maid-of-honor Annette Kunkel, and Mom's brother, Harry Carnay
This is the marriage of my mother and father, 15 September 1929. The bride and groom, Mary Harriet Carnay and Eugene Ross Walker stand on the left; my mother’s maid-of-honor and best friend, Annette Kunkel, and Mom’s brother, Harry Carnay are on the right. I still have the beautiful silk shawl my mother wears in that picture!

Glenn and Helen Meyers, 1931Contributed by Frazer Crane
These pictures are of my wife’s family, Glenn and Helen Meyers on their wedding day in 1931.

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  4. I love this picture of Carol’s parents wedding. Funny, I noticed the shawl before I read the description the photo. It is lovely. Fun wedding!

  5. Regarding the photo of Charles Aolph Thomas—is his middle name really Aolph or is it Adolph?

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