Alex Haley’s Nephew Takes the DNA Plunge

I was doing some blog surfing this morning and ran across a post by Megan Smolenyak on her RootsTelevision blog. Thirty years after Alex Haley’s miniseries Roots aired, his nephew took things a step further and had his DNA tested at the FGS Conference in Fort Wayne this past August. RootsTelevision filmed him taking the test, and I have to say, I don’t recall ever seeing someone entertain with a cotton swab. 

Beyond Chris Haley’s test though, I also discovered a library of DNA stories that I thought were very interesting. You can check them out at RootsTelevision’s DNA Channel.


2 thoughts on “Alex Haley’s Nephew Takes the DNA Plunge

  1. I would like to think Mr. Haley for showing his funny side while doing the DNA testing. Although I take genealogy seriously, there is no reason it can be fun too. I can only think that being the nephew of Alex Haley, this Mr. Haley may have some pressure on his back. Have fun Chris Haley, whenever you can.

  2. hello mr haley i hope you get this email i have found your grandmother queen haley a facinating woman ive watched the movie a few times and to be honest i neaver got the message until recently after not having watched it in you have any photos of queen haley if so id love to see her i find after watching the movie my heart went out to her having so much rejection in her life id appreciate it if you could email me a photo of her at thank you…

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