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Charles Aolph Thomas, 1849-1936 Contributed by Donna Tougas, Warwick, Rhode Island
This is Charles Aolph Thomas, 1849-1936 (photo ca. 1879-85). He was a great-great-grandfather to my daughters, Wendy and Jenn Thomas. We call him Civil War Thomas. He lived in South Carolina and fought in the Civil War when he was about thirteen years old. Many years later, he moved north and raised a family in Rhode Island. He hung around the Veterans Hall with his friends so everyone knew he fought in the war. He passed away in 1936. At that time he was given a big “send off.” His casket was placed on a horse and buggy and paraded through town before the burial. It wasn’t until several weeks later that everyone realized he had fought for the South and not for the North! He had to be having a good laugh. 

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Evelyn Gail Merriman (July 31, 1876 to Nov. 11, 1951). Contributed by Karen Schultze, Toms River, New Jersey
This is a photo of my great-grandmother, Evelyn Gail Merriman (July 31, 1876 to Nov. 11, 1951). She was born in Yonkers, New York and lived most of her life there. The last few years of her life she lived in Laurelton, New Jersey, (now known as Brick, New Jersey). She married George Allen Kimball, and they had four daughters, her daughter Ethel was my grandmother. This photo was taken around 1910-11.

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  1. Hmmmmm. The pictures I see now, go with the stories but the pics that came in the newsletter to my email do not match! I think there was an “oooops” there.
    I love the story about the Civil War Thomas! And the woman from Yonkers is very pretty. Love these old photos.

  2. I agree, the picture does not seem to match the caption. The wedding picture looks more 1920ish than 1889.

  3. A comment on the photo submitted by Donna Tongas. I think that this photo was taken much later than 1879-1885. The woman’s clothes/hat (in the photo with Charles Aolph Thomas)look like they are about 1915-1925.

  4. I agree, doesn’t look like the pictures go with the captions. Another thing, please either identify the other people in some way (even just ‘and his bride’) as sometimes we think we know one of them!

  5. The picture to the left has the incorrect listing. The picture is of Glen Prudhon on his wedding day to Helen Meyers.
    Please make a correction

  6. The high neck, small waist and slightly full sleeves is just about right for the 1910-1915 era. Prabably a day dress.

  7. I agree. The photos do not match the captions. Quality control at continues to be a problem.

  8. The photo of Charles A. Thomas definitely looks to be more 1920s with the style of hat and clothing and the short hair on the woman.

  9. My apologies for the error in the newsletter. It was entirely my fault. I had to prepare two newsletters before I took this week off and I mixed up the image files when I was coding the newsletter. Since I had just finished putting together the 29th when I started coding the 22nd, I still had that on my mind and I not only mixed up the images, but dated the newsletter the 29th.

    That’s the trouble with us humans, we make mistakes. 😉

    Have a great day!

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