Your Quick Tips, 22 October 2007

Too Many Slides?
Like many families, mine took a lot of slides. To have prints made of these, even at home, would prove costly. Using a multi-function scanner is no prize either. What I have done is set up a slide projector and a screen (if no screen is available a white wall or a white sheet will do) and a digital camera on a tripod. When all equipment is in place I show a slide, then zoom in to capture the picture. I then click through the carousel taking a picture of the slides I want. Of course I later download them to the computer. It works wonderfully.
Tom Hennessy
Desoto, Texas

Search First Names Only
I often do a search, especially in sparsely populated areas, by first name only when I am having a hard time finding someone. I found my mother and her family in 1930 Gila County, Arizona, using that method. The surname was almost illegible and had been indexed as a best guess.
Lee of the Stockman Family Newsletter

When searching for a patron at a Family History Center, I randomly went to some neat new sites and found some answers in

Dorothy Banky
FHC, Mystic, Connecticut

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  1. IN rural areas try searching with no name – putting in approx. date of birh, where born, male or female. In later census records you can not search male or female – just head of house, wife, son, etc. All census records you should be able to search male or female – to keep the hits down.

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