Your Quick Tips, 15 October 2007

Cite Those Sources
Back in the dark ages, when I began researching my family, I paid no attention to the space at the bottom of the family group sheet labeled “Source.” What was the purpose? After all, I knew who gave me the information. Little did I realize that my file would grow–and grow–and grow, and the day would come when I’d look at a name and wonder, “Where did I get your name? Is that really your DOB? How do I know? Did I read it somewhere? Did someone send it to me? Who? Why?”
When the importance of sources was made apparent to me, a couple of decades had gone by, and I had a lot of ground to go over again.  Believe me, the time spent on re-doing something that would have been so easily done to begin with was resented. After all, I was getting on in years, and those years were gone, never to be relived.
Now I am considered an experienced researcher and am often asked for advice. The first thing I tell folks just starting out is, “Document! Even if it’s only ‘Aunt Mary said…’ — enter where you obtained your information!”
Wish someone had told me this back in 1964.
Shirley (Turner) Shiver

Archaic Medical Terms
A good site for figuring out the meaning of confusing medical terms is Rudy’s List of Archaic Medical Terms

Lots of help here for deciphering causes of death.

Quick Tip Success Story
Recently you published a quick tip about using Google Images. I really want to thank you for this article.

I have been searching for information about my great-grandfather Harrison Lafayette McConaughy for ten years with very little success. After reading the above article, I decided to give it a chance.

I entered his name as H. L. McConaughy since there are so many possible variations possible and received hundreds of hits. Unfortunately most had nothing to do with what I wanted. However, there was a listing for “The Hopewell Community Quilt.” I almost passed it up, but decided to take a look.

This site (no longer being maintained) is dedicated to a friendship quilt made possible around 1909. There in Row 2 Block 3 was my great-grandmother’s name as well as two of her daughters and a grandson.  My great-grandmother embroidered her name as “Mrs H L McConaughy,” next to her is Anna McConaughy (her youngest child), and next to her is Irene Mingle (her second youngest), and next is Ralph Mingle (the grandson) born about 1907. There are many other Mingles that I did not know about on other blocks. On Row 1 Block 1 is the name “Ada Law” (not related) and her sweetheart, whom she married in 1910.

I have not been able to find where my great-grandparents are buried; however, this information greatly narrows the possibilities.

Again, Thank You,
James L. McConaughy

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  2. I can only agree whole-heartedly with the author of this piece. When I first started I did the same as she. Believe me a note at the bottom of each fact stating that Aunt ? told me on May 1, 2000; will save many long hours of research ten years from now, and ten years from now you may not be able to find a record and Aunt? may have passed on. Sources are the proof that the Mary Smith in your family is yours and not some other with different parents, siblings etc. Which could change and make in error all of your subsiquent research.

  3. I was looking for any Weiderhold and the name of Betty Weiderhold showed up. My families original name was spelled Wiederhold. My family originally came from Germany and were peerage. (Von Wiederhold), My mother was Virginia Lee (Weiderhold) Mabary, her father was Edwin Wiederhold and mother was Susie Ellen (Sharp) Wiederhold. Are you in any way related?

    Constance Lee Mabary Hyde

  4. Hello Constance Lee Mabary Hyde, your father Richard was the younger brother of my grandmother Margaret Mabary Davidson. I have two old pictures of Richard I can share, in case you don’t have them. Please email me, I have Mabary questions!

    Dave Davidson

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